Permanent Exhibits




Featuring a larger-than- life eye, nose, tongue, ear and hand, the 5 Senses exhibit is full of interactive displays where you can explore your senses and actively participate as a scientists as you learn how your brain computes sensory data. More info»





Packed with paint, clay, chalk, paper, cardboard and everything in between, Creation Station has all you need to bring out your inner artist! Let your imagination lead you to create your own masterpiece.






Kids of all ages can put on a conductor’s hat and help run the Discovery Center trains! Future train engineers can dress up as a railroad engineer, buy a ticket, and explore the Discovery Depot. 

Check with the front desk for model train run times.

The train room is open for viewing during museum hours.


Who knew shopping could be so much fun… and healthy? Our Farmers Market is open daily and is packed with yummy fruits, vegetables, pastries, and grains. Grab your basket, load up the conveyor with food, and roll your picks down to our cash registers. Families can learn how many miles the average meal takes to arrive on their dinner plates and the importance of buying locally grown food.


Firefighters, get ready to take a ride on our ever-popular fire engine. Put on your hats, pull on your boots, and climb aboard our 1954 Oren Fire Truck. Visitors learn about the history of fire fighting in Murfreesboro, the importance of each piece of firefighters’ gear, as well as fire safety tips.

Nature Play Grand Opening 11032013 1234


Step into Nature Play filled with wonder, exploration, learning, discovery and fun!
Learn more about Nature Play!



What better way to learn about gravity than to slide down our 2 ½ story super slide!




Phosphorescence is “phun”! Use your whole body to explore the world of light and shadow as you freeze your shadow on a phosphorescent wall.


Turtles and fish and snakes, oh my! Discover the aquatic world in our living stream table, enjoy a visit with our live animals, dig in our fossil pit and explore the Cherokee Nation in our Tennessee Live! exhibit.


Tiny Town is made up of five role-play environments where children can explore how people work, live, and play together. Tiny Town features a Tiny Town Publix, Tiny Town Home Depot, Tiny Town Tennessee Pediatrics Clinic, postal center, and music store.




Tot Space, our first area dedicated solely to infants and crawlers, adjoins Tiny Town. Tot Space’s woodland theme provides the backdrop for a safe, soft-play environment designed for early spatial awareness, as well as coordination and balance. 

TOTSpace Sponsored by Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro. Murals by Norris Hall.



Crank, funnel, pour, squirt, measure, float! Discover the wonders of the Earth’s most abundant resource through an interactive system of pulleys, pumps, wheels and pipes that demonstrate how we manipulate the multi-functional power of water. Prepare to get wet as you learn about the many uses of water!



Enjoy our Murfree Spring boardwalk which winds around 20 acres of natural wetlands where you can explore the wonders of nature. Keep your eyes out for our river otters, blue herons and muskrats!


Play on our interactive Brio Train Engine, take a trip to Coal Mountain, experience an assembly line, or engage with our ever popular Brio train table – it’s all a part of Wheels! Use wrenches, screwdrivers, and drills to rotate car tires, check oil levels, and even replace a muffler in the Nissan Super Service Center. Go back in time with displayed award-winning antique vehicles donated by Mr. Ed Delbridge, information about Tennessee’s transportation history, and hundreds of model cars. Then, you can explore the properties of air and wind, learn about Rutherford County aviation history and check out the model plane collection in Wings!

Discovery Center’s flight simulator runs for 15 minutes at certain times. Please check with the front desk for current flight times.