Feb. 9 – May 27

The Discovery Center has a new formula for fun… the MathRox featured exhibit!



Divide and conquer a range of life-size games, puzzles and building challenges designed to multiply your math skills. Infinite variables await as you solve brainteasers and explore hands-on activities. The common denominator is fun, so make sure you’re part of the equation!

About MathRox

Designed to inspire and spark the imagination, the MathRox exhibit provides rich and engaging experiences that:

  • encourage children to acquire a deeper understanding of math concepts;
  • make the practice of math skills surprisingly memorable and enjoyable; and
  • help children identify success with math as personally relevant and rewarding.

The exhibit includes brainteasers that are solved by working with tangrams and pattern magnets, a giant version of the “Tower of Hanoi” pegs-and-rings challenge, a large cube puzzle, and a keystone arch challenge. Visitors will measure and estimate how high and how far they can jump, as well as try their hand at the Sumball Machine, Shoot for the 10s and much more.