Youth Council Seniors Recognized

Now in its sixth year, the Youth Council has become an integral piece of Discovery Center’s strategic planning, program delivery, and youth volunteer force. The group’s original focus was to act as a vehicle to expand Discovery Center’s programs, exhibits, and events in order to better engage teens and tweens in the community. Over time, the group’s focus has shifted to the development of leadership skills and career/college preparation.

Two of this year’s graduating seniors have been Youth Council have participated in Youth Council all six years. Alexi Lee and Eshan Patel are two of the founding members of Youth Council and have made a noticeable impact with their innovative ideas, enthusiasm, and ability to lead a team. Joining Eshan and Alexi as seniors this year are Brett Boldin, Taylor Cuneo, Sarah Taylor, and Sophia Maas. We recognized all of the graduating seniors for their contributions to Discovery Center and their role on the Youth Council at our next Board meeting on Thursday, March 22.

Now that you’re completely intrigued by the Youth Council, we’re happy to announce that we are currently accepting applications for next year’s council. We are transitioning to follow the school calendar, so the application period this year is happening a few months earlier than usual. By aligning with the school calendar we hope to capitalize on student availability.