When School is Out, Science is In!


This summer, thousands of students across the country will learn about the sun and the stars, Earth’s moon, space travel, and more when GSK Science in the Summer returns to local libraries and community centers for its 32nd year.

Through active, hands-on learning, elementary school students in second through sixth grades will learn that, through knowledge, education, and hard work, worlds beyond ours are reachable – all while they learn the basic STEM skills that will prepare them for academic and professional success. The Science of Space content invites children to see the sky above them. Through interactive learning, students will explore the sun’s energy, phases of the moon, human survival in space, and how rockets overcome Earth’s gravity. From here on Earth, we look up and see the sun and moon. From here, we dream of space travel. From here, we achieve liftoff.

Catherine, our new Mobile Education Coordinator, and Kelsey, our Camp Coordinator, joined hundreds of educators from all over the country at the Franklin Institute to learn the implementations of this curriculum. We will be visiting local libraries and community centers this summer to share The Science of Space.