We’ve Got the Beat

There’s a soundtrack to our days at Discovery Center. It starts with a gentle whoosh as the front doors open and crescendos into peals of joyful laughter and amazement. With the opening of The Science of Music a few short weeks ago, our unofficial soundtrack now has background music. When you reach the top of the staircase take a left to explore The Science of Music. You’ll find the drum pad room, strings kiosk, and a PVC pipe organ. But there are a few new additions you should check out too. There’s a large staff that resides above the pipe organ with colorful notes arranged into an easy melody. Try to follow it and identify the tune or freestyle and write your own song! After you finish at the pipe organ you can check out our Musicians with Challenges wall. This year we’ve got a feature on Patrick Henry Hughes an accomplished pianist and trumpeter born without eyes or the ability to completely straighten his arms and legs. Be sure to listen to him play before you head over to the whisper dishes. While they seem better suited for a space center, these gigantic plates direct the sound waves of your whisper to a specific point on the complementary dish.

The Science of Music is open through May 2nd and is included with admission.