We Are Tennessee Mural Work Begins

After a month-long call to artists, Discovery Center received 111 submissions from 56 different artists for our We Are Tennessee project!  We are Tennessee is a pilot art project that generates depictions of identity and culture through a dynamic art wall on permanent display at the Discovery Center. It highlights the community members’ photographs, self-portraits, and other artistic depictions of the cultural diversity that make up our state.

The mural was designed by Murfreesboro Painter Laureate, Ginny Togrye. It is based on a quilt pattern called “Road to Tennessee” and includes Tennessee symbols such as the state bird, state tree, state flower and flag stars. Ginny designed the fabric to be reminiscent of that used for quilts and clothing made from flour sacks.

The mural will be unveiled during our free Arts in April event on April 28th. Save the Date for a reception for our artists and sponsors on Tuesday, May 1!

Arts in April, April 28

Features the 3 inaugural artist laureates: Ginny Togrye, Painter Laureate; Kory Wells, Poet Laureate; and Jessica Nelson, Photography Laureate. Activities will include write a Tanka with Kory, explore sculptural painting with Ginny, and use a camera obscura and participate in a photo scavenger hunt with Jessica Nelson.