We Are Seriously Excited for Spring Break Camp

Etch-A-Sketch. Nerf. Crayola. Robots. Do you really need any more details to prove just how awesome Spring Break Camp is going to be this year? Just in case you do, here’s a little bit about what you can expect to do at camp.

Little Red Wagon (Monday): Is there another symbol more iconic for childhood than the little red wagon? We don’t think so! We’re using the wagon to learn about force and motion and each camper will end the day by creating a wagon of their own.

Dot & Dash (Tuesday): Is your child interested in programming or robotics and just doesn’t know how to get started? We’ll be using the Wonder Workshop’s Dot & Dash robots to teach the principles of programming and then campers will create their own robots using everyday materials.

All Things Nerf (Wednesday): While Discovery Center’s liability insurance doesn’t cover turning the museum into a massive nerf zone, we will be exploring foam and creating targets to learn about probability and precision.

Crayola Creations (Thursday): Have you ever wanted to name your own crayon or create the perfect mixture of your favorite colors? If you answered yes to either question then Crayola Creations is the day for you. We’re making crayons, naming colors, and letting the creative juices flow all day.

Etch-A-Sketch (Facebook): Join us to learn how your doodles are made and shaken away. We’re taking apart an Etch-A-Sketch to see where the magic happens and then making magnetic slime to take home.


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