Undergoing Maintenance

If you’ve driven by our back parking lot in the last week you might have noticed the view is a little different. That’s right…the STEAM Bus is offsite for now. Earlier this summer Wesley and Emmie joined Catherine in learning to drive the bus. Having multiple staff trained to drive the bus and lead programming was a key priority for the summer. Now if Catherine is out of the office on vacation or if mobile programs are double booked, Wesley and Emmie can step in. Now that we’ve finally got a brigade of bus drivers the STEAM Bus is out of commission. One issue that we’ve had from the beginning with the bus is that the battery does not retain a charge well. After talking this through with the mechanics, they will be able to install a switch that we can manually engage and disengage that should help with the constant battery drain. Additionally, they will plug a small leak in the gas line and replace the gas gauge. We still don’t have a return date for the bus, but are hopeful that it will be back at the Discovery Center soon!

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