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Sorting & Organizing at Publix



Is your toddler stacking, grouping, or organizing items from the Tiny Town Publix? Noticing details and sorting into groups by similarities or differences, like with like, is a very important cognitive task. Actively moving items around is part of thinking things through at this age – watch and you may be able to figure out what they are thinking.


Ask your child to describe what is alike in each of the groups – you might be surprised by the details they notice! Ask – “I like the way you grouped by XXX. Are there other ways that you could sort using a different characteristic that they share?”

Explore at Home

Provide a pile of miscellaneous items or stickers – or let them sort your pots, pans, or plastic containers. Ask your child to sort them into piles of things that are like one another. Once sorted, have s/he explain their groupings. There are always many options. Challenge her/him to do it another way. Make a game of it – you each sort a pile and see if the other can guess what you were thinking.

Book Connection

Check out Sort It Out by Barbara Mariconda on the Discovery Center bookshelf.

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