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Developing Humor in Tiny Town



Is your child using toys in an unusual way? Are they painting This is an example of their developing sense of humor. Humor progresses from surprise (peekaboo), to silly sounds, to creative uses of objects (using a banana like a phone, a block like a comb), to riddles and jokes.  A sense of humor is nurtured. It takes two! Your laugh will boost his/her comic confidence.


There are lots of opportunities to be funny in the museum. Try putting on the toddler-sized clothes, or riding the rocking horse, and watch their response. As you help generate those smiles and giggles, you may even surprise yourself, and your child, at your own creativity!

Explore at Home

Be goofy in different ways – make silly sounds, put a towel on your head. Take note at what gets giggles at 14 months, as it may be very different at 2 years old, and at 5.

Book Connection

Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sarah Boynton

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