Think Like an Evaluator

Being an inclusive organization means trying to do our best to understand and reflect the needs of the many audiences we serve. We are excited to work with Jessica Sickler of J. Sickler Consulting to increase our understanding of evaluation and learn to think like an evaluator. Through the lens of evaluation, we can broaden our audiences, impacts, and insights about what is valuable to our community.

Our first session with Jessica included learning about evaluative thinking, logic models, evaluation questions, and being a reflective practitioner. Discovery Center will work with Jessica through two more workshops over the next 16 months.

In addition to the intensive professional development work with Jessica Sickler, a public component will also be implemented through sessions intended to build regional awareness about evaluation. These sessions draw upon the expertise of two renowned professionals: Swarupa Anila and Jessica Luke. This project is funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.