Staff Complete Safety Training

On Tuesday we welcomed Sergeant Scott Newberg, a virtual training instructor with the Murfreesboro Police Department, to lead our monthly staff meeting to discuss safety specifically relating to preparedness for active shooter situations.

Sgt. Newberg reviewed staff roles and protocol should an active shooter situation in our vicinity ever occur. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean our building, but can also refer to the Murfree Spring wetlands and other businesses located nearby. Many of the school groups that visit conduct active shooter training and drills throughout the school year, so it made sense for us to have a protocol for keeping school groups, families, and staff safe during their visit. All new hires are educated on this protocol and the staff review our policies and procedures annually.

In addition to covering safety protocols, Sgt. Newberg also spent time reviewing preventative measures. He discussed “red flags” that may become apparent with disgruntled former employees or even visitors to the museum. We know that this training is not the perfect solution to gun violence, but it is a way to ensure that we are keeping the safety of students, families, and staff as a top priority. A BIG thank you to Sgt. Scott Newberg for his continued training and education of our staff.