Snack Attack – Banana Hot Dogs

Banana Hotdogs

That’s right everyone, July is National Hotdog Month and this year July 22nd is National Hotdog Day!  How are you going to celebrate?  You could, of course, consume the traditional hotdog but today I have an alternative option great for extending the hotdog theme into snack time!  This was a snack I found browsing Pinterest one time and thought it was the perfect snack for Hotdog Day – one that incorporates fruit, protein, grain, and fiber.  And even young kids can help assemble this banana hotdog snack.

For most young kids using half a banana and half a hotdog bun would be sufficient for a snack.  Or you can make this a fun easy meal by adding some veggies, and dairy on the side!

For Banana Hotdogs you’ll need:

Hotdog buns (whole wheat or white)
Peanut butter  (or an alternative nut butter)
Strawberry Jam
Small zip-top bag

Step 1:

Wash your hands and gather your ingredients.

Step 2:

Child or adult – using a butter knife or plastic knife spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto the inside of the hotdog bun.

Step 3:

Child or adult – Peel banana, place inside hotdog bun


Step 4:

Adult – spoon about 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam (or jam/jelly of your choice) into the corner of a zip-top bag.  With scissors cut the corner tip off the bag.
Child – squeeze jam onto the top of the banana.

ENJOY!!  Get creative with this snack!  What other kinds of “fruit hotdogs” can you create?  Or explore other “condiments” and “toppings” for your hotdogs – maybe blueberries or chopped grapes as relish!  We’d love to see where your snack attack imagination takes you.  Share your creations with us using #DCSnackAttack.

Happy Snacking!