Discovery Center welcomes all Scouting groups with awesome experiences designed to meet badge, pin, loop and rank requirements while learning new skills in an interactive environment!


Time: 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., 2nd Saturday of each month
Cost: $10/scout; $5/adult or other attending guest


Oct. 16: Wondering about the Weather
Ground-shaking, storm-making, and other natural disasters are some things that make us wonder about the weather. The Discovery Center would like to invite scouts to join us in weather studies as we look at everyday weather conditions and different natural disasters. REGISTER NOW»

Nov. 13: Steps to Science
Ask the right question and you can find the answer. Tap into your curiosity and learn how to ask and answer questions like a scientist. Scouts are invited to join Discovery Center in learning and working through the scientific method with a messy science experiment. REGISTER NOW»

Dec. 11: Curious about Circuits
Ever been curious about how a light switch works? Come have your own “light bulb moment” as scouts learn, create, and experiment with electricity and circuits. REGISTER NOW»


For more information, contact Emmie Enochs at