Science in the Summer Family Night at the DC

Discovery Center has been pleased to offer the science of space free of charge over the summer thanks to GSK Science in the Summer™ program.

This program was offered across 13 sites over eight weeks reaching into four counties and providing engaging science activities to close to 400 children. Sites included libraries, Boys and Girls Club‘s, Read to Be Ready programs and a church-based summer camp. On Friday night we held a celebratory event for all participants and their families here at the Discovery Center. Based on the science of space theme we offered star-shaped snacks, a tour of the summer sky in our star lab, exploration time in the museum, and thanks to two  MTSU Astronomy Club volunteers, families were able to observe the night sky including Jupiter and Saturn – their moons and rings! It was a great conclusion to a wonderful summer. Special thanks to Catherine Meston our mobile program educator and Ashley Gereben an MTeach student from MTSU.