New School Assembly Programs Now Available to Book

Last week a contingent of the Discovery Center’s education department headed out to Clyde Riggs Elementary School in Portland, Tennessee for a mobile lab and an assembly program. Every class in the school was able to participate in the KEVA mobile lab challenge AND watch an assembly program.

KEVA planks are ¼ inch thick, ¾ inch wide, and 4 ½ inches long and can be used by anyone ages 1 – 101. For this program, students were challenged to construct a structure with ramps, tunnels, and turns that a ball could travel through. With no other stipulations, their minds were free to dream up any design and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The assemblies are new programs that we rolled out earlier this school year that allow us to educate a much larger group at one time. Students and parents were split into groups by grade (K-2 and 3-5) in order to enjoy the show. Subjects covered during the demonstration were Bernoulli’s Principle, Electricity, Special Effects, Temperature, and Phases of Matter. Some of the experiments and demos conducted include:

  • Flying Toilet Paper to illustrate the differences in high and low air pressure
  • Generating Electricity with a Tesla coil and Van de Graaff generator
  • Creating a Fireball using Lycopodium powder to show how special effects are created in movies
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cloud to demonstrate the effect of mixing extremely hot and extremely cold liquids together.