New Mission. New Vision. New Values.

Two years ago Discovery Center made a commitment to updating its mission, vision, and values. Mission and vision were fairly easy to address as we had starting statements that could be analyzed and tweaked to more accurately depict our organization. Values were a different story. Even though we were nearly three decades old at that point, we’d never articulated our core values. Last year we debuted our new mission and vision and really started digging into what our organizational values could and should be.

Mission: Engaging curious minds to fuel the future.

Vision: Our vision is to build a community with the courage to ask thoughtful questions, the drive to find creative solutions, and the confidence to implement positive changes.

We started with a brainstorming session led by United Way President and CEO, Meagan Flippin. 

In a meeting with the Board, she challenged us to think about what Discovery Center considers to be a priority and how our current behavior validated that. From a list of 54 descriptors, the Board narrowed that down to 20 through a voting and discussion exercise. From there, the Advisory Board, staff, and Youth Council completed the same exercise leaving us with five primary values. At this point, we have decided to let these values stand alone rather than be worked into an acronym or listed as sentences. We believe in their strength as guideposts for our daily perspective and actions.

So drumroll, please…

Fun & Play

Transformative Learning  

Diversity & Inclusion