Nature Play Now Open

With spring right around the corner, we are preparing Nature Play to officially open for the season. One of the biggest changes you’ll see this year is the conversion of the dig pit to a bubble space. If you remember going to the Discovery House,  the bubble room featured a pulley system that allowed you to stand inside a giant bubble. While we’re not recreating that exhibit in its entirety, we hope that our outdoor bubble corner has the same excited reception from our guests. You’ll still be able to explore the water table, spider web, climbing wall, and slide.

Little known fact…Nature Play makes a great starting point for a tour of the wetlands. Use the listening tubes to pick up the natural sounds of the wetlands. Can you hear bird songs, ribbits from the frogs, or just the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind? Sharpen your senses and then head into the wetlands and look for the ducks, turtles, frogs, and muskrats that call Murfree Spring home. What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen while on a walk through the Wetlands? Do you have any pictures to share? If so, post them to Facebook or Instagram and tag Discovery Center so we can take a look!