Full Moonshine Mixology

Mixology featured image

Friday, Sept. 16.  |  6:30 – 10 p.m.




Shaken or stirred? The Discovery Center invites adult guests to explore cocktail chemistry at Full Moonshine Mixology!

Along with full access to the Center’s exhibits, the event features multiple activities and tastings provided by Short Mountain Distillery:

  • Distilled Science: Investigate the science behind how the distilling process works and see it in action with a demonstration. What is it about moonshine that makes it so unique compared to other liquors?
  • Cocktail Chemistry: Assist in making two different moonshine based cocktails.
  • Shine in the Stove: Join the Short Mountain chef as he creates different desserts that use ’shine. Learn why using moonshine alters the recipe and what chemical or physical effects it has on the dish compared to other ingredients.
  • The Lunar Effect?: Sept. 16 is also the 2016 Harvest Moon! Much like moonshine, there is a lot of lore about a full moon. Check out some hands-on activities based on what REALLY happens every 29.5 days, and what is just a legend.

Must be 21 or older to attend.

All ticket purchases for Full Moonshine Mixology are final. No refunds or exchanges will be made for these tickets. Proceeds benefit the Discovery Center. If you have questions, please call 615-890-2300 ext. 246.