Meet the Exhibit Team

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our Education Department, well now it’s time to learn about our exhibits team. They are certainly small but mighty. In addition to monitoring exhibits, they are also responsible for maintaining the museum and exhibit construction.

Exhibits & Building Maintenance Coordinator: Eric Talbot started at the Discovery Center as a Visitor Services Specialist and soon became the Visitor Services Coordinator. He made the official switch to the exhibits department a few years ago and has picked up quite a few skills since! Eric’s contributions to the Discovery Center are too many to count, but most recently he has converted the outdoor water table into a bubble table. This project included retrofitting bubble pieces into the water table design and welding decorative bubble frames. Eric’s start on the museum floor has provided him with unique insight into the way exhibits are explored from both a guest and staff perspective and it has aided him in both designing and updating exhibit components.

Exhibit Technician: Jack Rogers has a history with the Discovery Center that spans 30 years. He began as a volunteer with the Children’s Discovery House and was instrumental in getting the museum ready to open in 1987! After he retired from an engineering career, Jack came to work part-time at the Discovery Center doing building maintenance and repairs. In fact, he is the craftsman behind all of the rocking toys in Tiny Town! At 82 years old, Jack shows no signs of slowing down and is often one of the first staff in the building each morning. We are so thankful for the 30 decades of heart, soul, and sweat that Jack has poured into Discovery Center!

Visitor Services Specialist: Brittani Martin is a native to middle Tennessee and current student at Middle Tennessee State University. She is studying Animal Science and hopes to become a veterinarian one day. Brittani has been a member of the visitor services and exhibits teams for a few years now and does a stellar job keeping the museum tidy and ready for guests. She can often be seen cleaning and sanitizing exhibit components.

Museum Custodian: Raffe Stargel is a constant blessing to all our staff and guests. He comes in every evening to deep clean the museum and gets it ready to open the next morning. Although we have lots of helpers that tidy exhibits and clear the restrooms throughout the day, Raffe (rhymes with safe) takes care of vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing and sanitizing restrooms, mopping floors, and taking out the trash and recycling. Although it’s rare for us to have a Raffe sighting, we can always tell when he’s been in the building!