Open now – Jan. 7, 2018

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INVENT, DESIGN and TINKER at the Discovery Center’s Makerspace, back by popular demand! The exhibit allows guests of all ages to get creative with hands-on activities and challenges.

Enjoy the giant kaleidoscope where visitors can create their own colorful designs, and sewing machines for designing with fabric and other materials. In addition, the mini-maker area has been expanded to include a caterpillar table with activities specifically for the youngest tinkerers.

Check out the following special activities during the last few weeks of the exhibit!

Dec. 23-29: DESIGN – This week is all about design challenges. You’ll be able to participate in challenges like designing a parachute that will save your egg from cracking when dropped from a ladder, designing and building boats from household items that can float, or design your own foam stamps to take home.

Dec. 30 – Jan. 5: TEXTILES – Patterns, patterns, patterns – all sorts of amazing things to sew with our sewing machines. Learn how to make and follow a pattern to create anything from superhero capes to stuffed animals and finger puppets.

Jan. 6 & 7: CIRCUITS – Squishy circuits. Discover how electricity works through play with electrifying dough to test conductivity and insulation of all sorts of creative creatures.

Makerspace also features special hands-on activities throughout the run of the exhibit, including:

  • Create a folded paper “thingamajig” and test its flyability at the wind table
  • Be a pinball wizard as you construct a pathway for your ball to score points
  • Create a work of art and see how it looks through the giant kaleidoscope
  • Build a marble coaster and watch the effects of gravity and motion

The Makerspace exhibit is included with general admission and free for members.