Make Way for Bubbles

As you know we like to update and add new engagement opportunities to permanent exhibits at the Discovery Center. So we decided it was time to make a few changes in Nature Play and we can’t wait for them to be ready to debut. Thanks in large part to a grant from the Siegel Foundation we are converting the water table into a bubble table! We’ve had a temporary bubble table over the last few summers and it has been a big hit with children and adults, so we’re confident that a full-time bubble table will fit right in.

Although we’re still in the design and construction phase of this exhibit makeover Eric has been hard at work welding bubble trays together. He has created a few that are reminiscent of our magnifying glass and dragonfly logo by designing and welding each shape individually. Our goal is to repurpose the existing water table by using the troughs as resting places for the bubble frames. The existing water table is a great structure to work with because it can be easily used by toddlers and adults and it is wheelchair accessible. Additionally, it will not require us to install new pavers or worry about anchoring a new structure into the ground. We are incredibly excited about this exhibit update and hope you’ll join us for the big unveiling!