Living Laboratory At Discovery Center

Living Laboratory is a program developed by Boston’s Museum of Science that looks at the way children learn. It aims to increase interactions between scientists and the public. Scientists will share their research findings with parents and caregivers visiting museums and museum guests will learn how to apply those findings to their child’s day-to-day activities.

In short, through hands-on activities and observations, scientists will learn more about the way children learn and develop language. Then, scientists will share their knowledge with parents and caregivers and ultimately influence the way that families interact during their daily activities. We are partnering with Dr. Cyrille Magne from MTSU’s Psychology Department to bring Living Laboratory to Discovery Center. Dr. Magne studies the interface of linguistics, education, and cognitive neuroscience. During our Science of Music exhibit, Dr. Magne and the MTSU team will be looking at language patterns and development. We’re just finishing the training phases of this project, but hope it will be ready for the museum floor by March 13. Come find the Living Laboratory in The Science of Music this spring!