Living Laboratory at Discovery Center

Living Laboratory at Discovery Center has officially begun. This program, developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, creates opportunities for museum visitors to learn about scientific research by taking a hands-on role and becoming an active partner in the process. We are collaborating with Dr. Cyrille Magne, an Assistant Professor in MTSU’s College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, and several graduate and undergraduate students from the Psychology Department.

Focused on the development and patterns of language, Dr. Magne and his team use a short video game to observe the way children hear and respond to the characters on screen. Oftentimes scientific research is thought to be only conducted in sterile labs and under microscopes, but the aim of Living Laboratory is to make research approachable, understood, and available to the public. It also helps to create relationships between scientists and the communities where they live, work, and study.

This iteration of Living Laboratory will continue through the month of April and the first week of May to coincide with the Science of Music exhibit.