It’s Shakesbeer Time at Murfree Spring

We put three of your favorite things–Star Wars, local brews, and method actors–into one great event! At this point, you might be wondering just how we can make all of this jive. Well we’ve got great brewers like Mos Alesley, Emerald Abbey, and Smackdab that have wholeheartedly embraced our May the 4th theme to bring you beers like Liquid Carbonite Stout, Hop Solo, The Jar Jar Special, and Death Star Mash. So now that you know we’ve married Star Wars and beer, you want to know where William Shakespeare comes in to play. The Bard is our inspiration for bringing Murfreesboro Little Theatre, M-PROV, and Inebriated Shakespeare into the mix. They’ll perform a variety of scenes, sonnets, improv games, and original material, and that’s where the magic happens. What if Romeo & Juliet was rewritten with the cast of Star Wars in mind? Would the Empire Strikes Back have been as much of a nail-biter if it had been written as a sonnet instead?

Come to the Discovery Center at 7:00pm tonight and find out! Tickets are just $40 at the door and designated driver tickets are available for $15. Eat before you come or enjoy some good eats available for purchase from FlyBoys, City Kitchen, or the Chicken Shack Express!  We’ll have overflow parking and a shuttle available from the city parking lot adjacent to Gold’s Gym on North Church Street. All proceeds from Shakesbeer benefit Discovery Center! Last but certainly not least, we’d like to thank our event sponsor, Franklin Synergy Bank, for their ongoing support.