Do That Science! Water Rockets

A little over a week ago, on May 30th, we had the first manned space launch from the USA in a decade! How awesome is that?!?

This week we thought we would take another look at rockets. Four forces act on a rocket during launch. As we are shooting off our water rockets, see if you can pick them out. If you can, grab your own water rocket launcher and a bike pump and try it out at home.

Thrust- This is the pressure at the end of the nozzle propelling the rocket.

Weight- The mass of the rocket and the pull of gravity trying to bring it back down.

Lift- The force that holds up the rocket (or an airplane) and counters the force of weight.

Drag- Force pushing back on the rocket as it moves through the air.

Check out this link for more details about these 4 forces.…

NASA has put together a deep set of lessons, virtual simulators, and instructions for taking water rockets to the next level. You can find that here!…

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