Discovery at Home

Resources for Home Learning & Play

The Discovery Center is here to help you and your family have fun and keep learning from home!

We are curating resources for home learning and play, including activities, videos and favorite staff-picked links. Our goal is to continue engaging curious minds to fuel the future, so be sure to stay connected via social media, especially our Facebook page and blog.


Discovery Center’s digital channels include:

Facebook – This is where new content is primarily communicated
Blog – This is where a running list of content is kept

Activities & Videos:

Discovery at Home: Facial Expressions Challenge»
Art with Abby: Nature Mandalas»
Art with Abby: Design a Dream House Part 1»
Art with Abby: Design a Dream House Part 2»
Art with Abby: Design a Dream House Part 3»
Art with Abby: Design a Dream House Part 4»
Sorting Animals Game»
Earth Day – Plarn»
Exploring Hummingbirds»
Box Turtles»
Discover Your Yard»
Water Turtles»
Exploring Animals Around Us»
Waffles the Rabbit»
Exploring Rubber Bands»
Stanley the Ferret»
Exploring Milk»

Equity in programming: Most of the activities posted on our website as blogs are in English and Spanish, and our animal videos are captioned in English.

Stay up-to-date on the Discovery Center’s closure due to COVID-19 coronavirus mitigation efforts in our community. More info»