Discovery Center has 59 animals, soon to be 60!


During a visit to the Discovery Center you may see an African Leopard tortoise, a Ball Python, a Chinchilla, and maybe even a giraffe. (Just kidding about the giraffe) But when May comes, you might catch a glimpse of a Bubo virginianus.

Pemberton, a Great Horned Owl, was found tangled in a barbed wire fence. She was taken to Walden’s Puddle, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Joelton, Tennessee, where she underwent emergency surgery on her left wing. The damage to her nerves and thin-walled hollow bones in her wing was severe and she is now unable to fly.

Pemberton’s life quickly became much different. Instead of sleeping all day and stalking her prey at night, she was living inside and having to put up with a man with a perch and a glove………………

Over the next few months I will be training Pemberton, or maybe she will be training me, for use in our educational programs. She will be a perfect addition to our already outstanding array of animals. We are currently in the process of building an enclosure for her here at the DC so she can make herself at home. We hope to have her at the opening to our travelling exhibit, Animal Secrets, which opens in May 2013.

If you would like to know more about training “birds of prey,” Pemberton, or would like to follow along with our progress, you can subscribe to this blog or continue to check it weekly.

Keep your ear tufts up,


Leif Kixmiller is an Education and Program Specialist at the Discovery Center. He loves to teach children so he can pass on his knowledge and love of nature to future generations. He loves birds, books, and ice cream breaks.

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