May 28 – Sept. 11


It’s time for a “dino”-mite summer at the Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™ exhibit! Travel back in time and come face-to-face with dinosaurs in their prehistoric environment. Put on an insect costume, then buzz around a swampy bog. Meet touchable dinosaurs, coast down an icy slide and dig for fossils!

The exhibit features an immersive learning environment divided into three sections: two dinosaur habitats (warm and cold environments) and a field research station. The dinosaur environments include the flora and fauna that were present 65-70 million years ago, during the end of the Cretaceous period (when the last dinosaurs roamed the earth), and represent areas that are now part of North America.

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Land of Fire
This section of the exhibit is based on the warm dinosaur habitats that existed in present-day Montana 70 million years ago.

Get up close and personal with Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops and crawl through a tunnel under a large volcano oozing with lava. Then climb up and down a large bog walk, traversing the squishy and challenging surface found on a typical forest floor during this time period.

Little visitors can become part of the ecosystem by donning a costume and fluttering or crawling around the exhibit as one of three animals: a dragonfly, a bee, or a baby Troodon.

Land of Ice
This section is based on the cold dinosaur habitats that existed in present-day Alaska 70 million years ago.

A large, sculpted Edmontosaurus comes into view as you make your way through the environment. Go ahead: feel the dinosaur’s skin texture! Nearby, a sculpted, full-grown Troodon dinosaur guards its nest of eggs. You can also try your hand at the food chain puzzle or explore the icy slide and small cave where the northern lights put on a dazzling display!

Field Research Station
This is the place to don your goggles and research vests and grab your brushes to unearth fossils! The dinosaur play tables are 3-D landscapes in the shape of North America where you can to create stories about how the dinosaurs lived using props. And a large creativity station combines science and art as you create your own ecosystems using fossil rubbings, partial tracings, and free hand drawing.

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Exhibit created by Minnesota Children’s Museum. Sponsored by 

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