August Maintenance Day

It’s nearly time for our semi-annual cleaning and maintenance day. On the first Monday after school is back in session in January and August, we close for a day of deep cleaning and maintenance. These are the projects that cannot be completed overnight or while guests are in the building. This is typically a great time for large painting projects, ductwork cleaning and repairs, waxing and resurfacing floors, and water table maintenance. In order to get all of this done, we will be closed on Monday, August 13.

We’re shaking things up a little bit this time. With our current number of staff we’re pretty confident we can get the big projects finished in just 4-5 hours of work which leaves our afternoon open for staff development and training. As you know, Discovery Center is part of the current cohort of the Cultural Competence Learning Institute facilitated by the CEO of the Association of Children Museums, Laura Huerta Migus, and the Children’s Museum of San Jose. We don’t want to spill the beans about what this hands-on training will look like, but we expect this immersive experience to be eye-opening for everyone. Count on an update August 17!