Artist in Residence 2019

Discovery Center’s 2019 artist in residence: Carolyn Beehler

Carolyn Beehler is a So Cal native but grew up in the South. She’s nestled amongst Tennessee’s thirty-one shades of green thanks to its fifty-one shades of gray sky. Against this somber backdrop, she escapes into memories of palm trees and sherbet sunsets that guild LA’s eighty-odd neighborhoods all junked together. That’s not to say she didn’t grow up happy with summers spent shucking corn and running through sprinklers. Then she grew tall and entered adolescence and survived. When she graduated she set her sights not three miles down the road on an art school set on a hill in a Victorian mansion. After earning a degree in design she pursued travel and books. She loves G.K. Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, Tom Wolfe, Patty Smith, Camille Paglia, Leonard Shlain, Peter Rollins, Penelope Lively, Alice Hoffman, T.S. Eliot, and George MacDonald as well as artists like Antoni Gaudi, John Singer Sargent, Wendy Artin, Barry Moser, Albrecht Durer, Mary Blair, Gustav Klimt, and Edward Degas. Carolyn is addicted to art because it wields the alchemic power to purify our incomplete and dissatisfying experiences into revelations of truth and mystery. Her creative mission is twofold: to take work more seriously than herself and to not be a hack. Her dream studio is being built somewhere in Istanbul. She’s never been, but sign her up to any place that she can grab baklava to go and get lost.