Another Successful Shakesbeer

Shakespeare said it best, “For the rain it raineth every day”. It certainly felt like that was the case over the last few weeks, but we had a beautiful night for our 6th annual Shakesbeer. Joined by a collection of brewers, actors, and food trucks we could not have asked for a better night. Some of the brews on tap included: Death Star Mash, Sweet Carameline, and a homebrew served out of a trash can. One of the great things about Shakesbeer is getting to sample new flavor concoctions–without having to commit to a full pint!

We were also delighted to add the Inebriated Shakespeare troupe out of Nashville this year. Performing in a variety of venues around the Nashville area, this group mixes a Midsummer Night’s Dream with an assortment of adult beverages. They were joined on stage by M-PROV and Murfreesboro Little Theatre. A huge round of applause goes out to all of our actors who seamlessly incorporated this year’s Star Wars theme through rewrites, improv, and completely original material.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the three rockstar food trucks that provided very delightful vittles for our guests. Fly Boys, City Kitchen, and the Chicken Shack Express offered a variety of five-star eats! These food trucks were so great we had folks show up just for the food (that’s right…they didn’t even know we had an event).

So, to the brewers, distillers, actors, and food truck owners that made Shakesbeer possible this year–we thank you! You certainly channeled the force and made this our best Shakesbeer yet.