About Us

Chartered in 1986 as Children’s Museum Corporation of Rutherford County, the Discovery Center provides hands-on education opportunities for the community. An extensive grassroots campaign orchestrated by young parents led to purchasing a building and creating exhibits and programs. During its first year of operation, over 11,000 visitors came to experience the museum’s exhibits and programs. Now, 30 years after its inception, the Discovery Center serves as a vibrant community and tourism center with over 120,000 children and families exploring the exhibits each year.

Mission Statement

Engaging Curious Minds to Fuel the Future.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a community with the courage to ask thoughtful questions, the drive to find creative solutions, and the confidence to implement positive changes.

Annual Report

January 2015 – June 2016

Board of Directors


Kalpana Gowda, Board President

Kalpana Gowda President
Tim Fallon Vice President
David Mitchell Treasurer
Theo Glave Secretary
Paula Leslie Past President



Amy Farrar
Bill Wright
Blair Glenn
Chantho Sourinho
David Mitchell Jr.
Kalpana Gowda
Lana Seivers
Lara Daniel
Nick Lewis
Paula Mansfield
Rick Sain
Suzanne Curry
Terri Donovan
Theodore Glave
Thomas Campion
Tim Fallon



Tara MacDougall,

Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Bosnak,

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations

Dale McCreedy,

Vice President of Audience & Community Engagement

John Hawkins,

Director of Education


Caitlyn Brown,
Director of Philanthropy

Jeri Hasselbring,
Museum Experience Analyst

Jennifer Neal,
Director of Grants & Membership Development

Eric Talbot,
Exhibits and Building Maintenance Coordinator

Katie Woodward,
Assistant Education Director

Kelsey Smith,

Camp & After School Program Coordinator

Madden Purcell,

Visitor Services Coordinator

Wesley McClain, Visitor Services Specialist & Educator
Micki Parsley, Program Specialist
Angela Pulido, Gift Shop Manager & Visitor Services Specialist
Jack Rogers, Exhibit Technician
Tanisha Norman, Visitor Services Specialist
Michelle Nicholson, Visitor Services Specialist
Jennifer Martin, Visitor Services Specialist
Vicki Lewis, Visitor Services Specialist
Kendall Jobe, Visitor Services Specialist
Rachel Bicker, Program Specialist
Bekkah Riley, Visitor Services Specialist
Jessica Holt, Visitor Services Specialist
Ryan Marshall, Visitor Services Specialist
Kalab Fulton, Visitor Services Specialist
Ricky Stowe, Custodian
Emily Donaldson, Visitor Services Specialist



Youth Council


Students, ages 9 to 18, are volunteering their time to help us plan for the future!


Youth Council Mission Statement

We are a research and advisory board composed of students dedicated to the improvement and development of the Discovery Center with innovative ideas geared towards exploration and education of all age groups with a fun, entertaining, hands-on experience for the betterment of the community.

To learn more visit the Youth Council home page.


Employment Opportunities


Eric and childLiquid Nitrogen Eis


Want a fun and rewarding job? Look no further than the Discovery Center! View our available positions below.

Front Desk Specialist

To view the job description click here» Front Desk Specialist

Send resume to: mpurcell@explorethedc.org


Visitor Services Specialist

To view the job description click here» VSS

Send resume to: info@explorethedc.org


Mobile Education Coordinator

To view the job description click here» Mobile Education Coordinator

Send resume to: jhawkins@explorethedc.org


Summer Camp Counselor

To view the job description click here» Summer Camp Counselor

Send resume to: ksmith@explorethedc.org