A Penthouse Upgrade for Pemberton

A few weeks ago we found Pemberton tangled in the netting at the front of her enclosure. We still don’t know what prompted her to fly to the front of her aviary but suspect it may have been another bird or mammal wandering through Nature Play. Despite Pemberton’s anxious state, we do want to commend the work of our Discovery Center animal care team in keeping her calm and preventing serious injury until our vet was able to come onsite. With the assistance of Dr. Kyle Daniel, we were able to safely remove Pemberton from the wire and vinyl threads tangled around her beak, feet, and wings. She had a few small cuts and scrapes from the adventure, but all were easily treated with topical antibiotics.

One of the positives of this experience was that it highlighted some changes that would make Pemberton’s enclosure safer and more comfortable for her. Eric and Jack spent the last week putting these upgrades in place. The netting and wire mesh surrounding her enclosure have been replaced. The entire enclosure was deep cleaned, re-stained, sealed, and received new mulch. Eric also crafted a sign with Pemberton’s name that will be accompanied by a panel explaining how Pemberton came to live at Discovery Center and how we continue to care for her.

If you still haven’t been out to see Pemberton, her enclosure is located in Nature Play. While she is used for educational programming, you can usually find her ducked into the shadows of her aviary.