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The color of the sky, the sound of a dog barking, the scent of a rose, the taste of chocolate cake, the feel of a cool breeze—everything that we know about the world comes to us through our five senses!

5 Senses is the Discovery Center’s newest exhibit, which encourages visitors to test their senses in a series of STEM-ulating experiments:

  • Test your sense of smell by gently inhaling the air inside the puffer bottles. Can you accurately guess what you are smelling?
  • At the giant tongue, use technology to get up close and personal with the tongue’s “bumps” which enable us to taste what we put in our mouth.
  • How sharp is your sense of hearing? Check out the mystery sounds at the larger than life ear.
  • Want a mind-bending experience? Stare at the optical illusions to see how our brain and eyes sometimes play tricks on us.
  • Feeling brave? Put your hand inside a feely box… Can you identify what’s in there?

About the Exhibit

Humans gather information about their environment through the use of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Each of the five senses responds to specific stimuli in the world around us, and each uses a unique part of the body to take in information. Featuring a larger-than-life eye, nose, tongue, ear and hand, the 5 Senses exhibit is full of interactive displays where you can explore your senses and actively participate as scientists as you learn how your brain computes sensory data.

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