Bill’s Blog

Welcome to my blog! My name is Bill and I am a ball python living in Discovery Center at Murfree Spring. I have a great time here with all my animal friends, and I excited to bring you news about them through my blog.

Discovery Center is a hands-on museum and nature center which houses a collection of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals for the teaching and enjoyment of our visitors.


Let me begin my blog by telling you that we had a fire at Discovery Center in the reptile and amphibian room.  It started in my terrarium! It was in the early morning of October 1st, 2013. I was awakened by the smell of smoke and before I could call out for help and warn my friends, the sprinkler system began to rain water down on us! Oh my, we were very frightened! Our terrariums began to fill with water and became aquariums! Many of my friends don’t swim and were beginning to panic. Within a few minutes, though, the Murfreesboro firemen charged in and began to put out the fire and rescue us. Whew! Thank you, firefighters!



We were moved out of our quarters and placed in safe areas around the museum. Workers quickly began to repair the damage and soon we were all back in new homes. I think Panzer, our leopard tortoise, had the most fun with her new enclosure. It was not quite tall enough, and she enjoyed climbing over the side and wandering all around our room! Miss Shelly found a better home with higher sides and now Panzer is secure and enjoying her daily salad.






It has been fun watching the bearded dragons, Rex-Ann and Saphira. They are next door neighbors in our new home, and I think before their move they had no idea what they looked like! They just stare at each other and try to climb over their terrariums to see each other. It is so much fun to watch!





Mazie is the newest addition to our reptile family, and she was a very brave little girl during the fire. Mazie recently outgrew her small home and now resides in a new 10 gallon terrarium. She looks so sleek in her spacious home.


The king snakes, Scarlett and Rhett, have had the hardest time with the transition to new homes. I was a bit worried about them because they weren’t eating. I checked a web-site, and discovered that just like myself, these amazing friends can go for months without food and still keep growing! Sure enough, they have begun to enjoy mealtime again and have adjusted well. They love curling up in the fresh shavings and taking long naps.


We are all doing fine and look forward to seeing you here at Discovery Center. I have many other animal friends that I will be telling you about in the future. Our Great Horned Owl, Pemberton, will have exciting news soon. You won’t want to miss it, so please visit my blog often!


If you’d like to learn more about some of my animal friends, check out these great sites:

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Bill’s Brain Building Vocabulary

Terrarium: a closed container for keeping small animals or growing small plants. A terrarium is usually made of clear glass or plastic.

Aquarium: a tank or other container filled with water in which water animals and plants are kept.

Transition: change from one position, stage, or situation to another.