Have the Best Thanksgiving – Ever

Reassessing priorities for the holidays…

I love thanksgiving – I really do.

It’s one of those rare holidays that is not about gift giving but just about being together, less about holiday decor and more about holiday food – less about stretching your budget, and more about stretching
your legs under the dining room table.

Beware, though, holidays are fraught with expectations. Your own. You may want to reassess your goals for Thanksgiving, especially if you have young children, and no, “Survival” is not setting the bar too low. Although a lofty goal, aim to ENJOY the day with your family – by keeping it simple.  Pumpkin

If you are preparing the family Thanksgiving meal, take a deep breath and try some of these tips:
·         If you tend to get carried away, like I do, make an elaborate plan and then cross out half of it.
·         Delegate, delegate, delegate.
·         Remember your goal is for a relaxing day with your family, and no one will enjoy an elaborate meal if you’re too stressed to notice the people seated around you.
·         When friends or family offer to bring something, make sure you say, “Yes!”

Involve the kids in cooking and making simple decorations for the table. Rachel Bicker, Registered Dietitian and Visitor Service Specialist at Discovery Center, says, “Kids can be picky eaters, even at Thanksgiving. Engage them in the kitchen by letting them measure and add ingredients, mix and stir. Kids who help prepare different dishes will be much more likely to try them.”

She also recommends encouraging kids to taste (not force feed) everything and to lead by example when trying new foods. Focusing on community, and not just the meal, makes good sense. Rachel advises families to “get kids involved by donating food or volunteering at a food pantry. This way the focus is on being thankful, spending time together, and giving back.”

Dinner Plate




Relax. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving.

Billie B. Little, Founding Director, Discovery Center