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STEAM Play Achieves Real Knowledge

Mondays & Tuesdays  |  9 to 10 a.m.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)


Looking for enrichment opportunities for you and your child? Discovery Center’s SPARK! is for children ages 1-6 and their caregivers!

Spark Schedule:

August 21 – 22: Shadows and the Solar Eclipse

August 28 – 29: Shadows and the Moon


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For Kids:


  • Hands-on exploratory learning & play
  • School readiness skill building
  • STEAM exploration (science, technology, engineering, art, & math)
  • Music & motion, yoga stretches
  • Art activities & snacks!

For Parents:

  • Family extension ideas
  • Social opportunities
  • Enhanced adult-child interaction
  • STEAM exploration for you, too!

Cost for non-members: $2 for all children ages 1 & up, plus admission for all visitors
Cost for members: $2 for all member children ages 1 & up


Please note: The same activities are presented on Monday and Tuesday; guests may choose to attend either day of the week. 



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Sparking bright summers for our smallest campers! SPARK Camp is for rising Pre-K students ages 4-5 with a thirst for knowledge and discovery. Each day of camp has a full day or half-day option.


Time: Full Day 9:00-4:00

Half Day 9:00-12:30



Price per day:

Full Day

Non-member $40 

Member $35

Half Day

Non-member $30

Member $25


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Storybook Science

Leap into the science from  some of our favorite stories! Each day of camp will feature hands-on activities and lessons inspired by famous children’s storybooks. Register your child for the entire week or pick your favorite days.

Session 1: June 5-9

Session 2: July 31-Aug 4


Monday: Fairytale Engineering

Can you build a structure as tall as Sofia’s castle? How could we design a house sturdy enough to withstand the huffing and puffing of a big bad wolf? Can you melt Elsa’s ice palace? Together we will use engineering techniques to explore the world of fairytales.


Tuesday: Exploring Animals with Eric Carle

Through his books, Eric Carle uses his unique art style to teach us about animals. Learn how to make a painted paper collage to create your own animal art. Experience up-close encounters with Discovery Center animals and learn all about their unique habitats.


Wednesday: Wacky Experiments with Dr.Seuss

Inspired by Bartholomew and the Oobleck, create your own Oobleck to learn about non-Newtonian fluids. Experiment with ways to clean up oil spills and germinate seeds with The Lorax. Explore the science of gravity and balance with The Cat in the Hat, and more STEAM-based activities.

Thursday: The Mysterious World of Curious George

Explore how animals and people use taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight to learn and about their surroundings and solve mysteries in everyday life. Learn about each sense and how they work together then put your five senses to the test through hands-on experiments and activities.


Friday: Cooking Up a Story

Campers will learn to cook recipes inspired by storybooks like Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and Rodeo Ron and His Milkshake Cows. Campers will use the scientific method to explore the amazing properties of yeast and other kitchen science mysteries.



Star Quest

Session 1: June 12-16

Session 2: July 17-21

Calling all astronauts, come explore the mysteries of space like Miles from Tomorrowland. Discover how astronauts get to space and how they live once they get there. Step into our STAR Lab to explore the solar system and constellations. Special programming will focus on solar science as we prepare for the total solar eclipse of 2017. Register your child for the entire week or pick your favorite days.


Monday:  Earth and Beyond

Prepare for a journey into orbit as we explore the mysteries of the Solar System and how scientists study the planets. Learn about the eight planets and their atmospheres through fun, hands-on science experiments.


Tuesday: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What do you see in the night sky? Do stars shine during the day? Explore the night sky and what lights it up through fun, hands-on experiments and even a trip into STAR Lab to take a look at the stars and constellations in the night sky.


Wednesday: M is for Moon

Can you walk on the moon? Is it really made of cheese? Why does the moon change shapes? Explore lunar landscapes through hands-on crater making, investigate the different phases of the moon, and find the answers to all of these questions and more!



Thursday: Blast Off! Rocket Science

We use rockets to carry astronauts and things into space. Explore what makes rockets fly, the parts of a rocket involved in flight, and the forces used for flight. Campers will design, build, and test their own air powered stomp rockets, use hands-on experiments to learn about the 4 forces of flight, and take part in a water rocket launch.


Friday: Astronaut Life

Astronauts travel to space to collect information for scientist to study, but what is life like for an astronaut? Why do astronauts wear space suits? What is gravity? Discover how astronauts get into space and how they live once they get there. Design your own space helmet to wear exploring lunar landscapes and get a taste of what it’s like to eat like an astronaut!

  • spark! Blog

    Each week at SPARK, what a joy it is to say good morning to you and your children and to witness the Adventure Room buzzing with excitement. While music plays, exploratory learning abounds as children engineer towers with blocks or create innovative structures with Tinkertoys and construct math patterns with pegs, lacing beads beads, or pom poms. Developing language is advanced as children peruse a thematic book, write on white boards or thread lacing letters.  Our weekly STEAM themes in circle time are extended with the children’s examination of life science trays or their work watering and charting the growth of the pea plant sprouts that they have planted. Journaling in Creation Station provides enhancement of kindergarten readiness skills and a great opportunity for you and your child to review the STEAM themes we explored, both while you create a page for the journal and when you take time in the future to review the journal pages you created together.
    We love seeing many of you week after week, but we also have new families join us all the time, and it is wonderful to report that over 85 children have experienced the educational benefits and fun of music & motion, yoga stretch, STEAM discovery and related thematic literature and crafts. Upcoming themes will continue the indoor play and learning but will also bring outdoor and life science adventures on the patio and in our lilypad pond and wetlands (weather permitting) including:

    May 11 & 12– May Flowers: Late Spring Garden Day

    May 18 & 19– Life Cycles in our Lily Pad Pond

    May 25 & 26– Turtle Talk

    June 1 & 2– Water, Water Everywhere!
    Spring programs will continue each Monday and Tuesday morning through June 2nd, and then watch for Summer SPARK! backpack checkout from June 8-August 14 for materials and inspiration for your child to increase his or her hands-on interaction and learning opportunities with our exhibits and wildlife inside and out at the Discovery Center!
    SPARK! Family Resources
    To learn more about the benefits of STEM in Early Childhood Education and of hands on science learning in nature:
    For inspiration and more information on the benefits of learning and play in the garden:
    We Need Your Help
    Vote each day until May 13th for Discovery Center at Murfree Spring!
    Help us win an Imagination Playground set!

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    For more information and to vote, go to:

    Click on or paste the link above and vote once a day until May 13th, and you can help the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring win these valuable engineering tools. My children and I have played with a set of these blocks at a Science Center in Alabama and we loved them! What a resource for learning and fun these would be at the Discovery Center!
    As always, please feel free to speak to me before or after SPARK! or email me anytime to discuss our program or your child’s needs. The staff of the Discovery Center and Ms. Micki and I value our ability to work with you and your family to help SPARK! curiosity and to provide a wonderful foundation for your child’s learning!
    We hope to see you soon in the SPARK circle!
    Meredith Hilleary
    “Ms. Meredith”

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